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Written by Aisha Powell


Posted on February 01 2021

I am so excited to be launching GearbyScorp! My new affordable, portable, and quarantine friendly workout equipment.

GearbyScorp has been a nearly year-long journey of me struggling to find a workout schedule during quarantine while losing all of my gym motivation. And I am not the only one that has struggled. One of the best advantages of going to the gym is the physical and mental advantages it gives you, putting you holistically in the space to workout. Being at home you lose that advantage, but especially during quarantine when your room is your office space, relaxing area, where you sleep AND your at-home gym - it can be especially difficult to get into workout mode This is where GearbyScorp comes in to help you get fit at home, and give you some tangible items to get you in the gym spirit. All while being affordable, portable (for home and gym) and quarantine friendly. They are now available on Amazon Prime and Miiraya (the Black Amazon) and on my website! Some of the advantages include:

  1. AFFORDABLE, PERIOD. During quarantine, a slew of workout accessories filled the market and they were not only overpriced, but they were also cheaply made and of poor quality. All GearbyScorp's products are not only affordable to the everyday person, and especially college students, but everything is made out of premium materials to ensure longevity and quality. Also our bundles help you save even more, putting all our best sellers in one package for a discounted rate.

  2. Cute! Yes, this is a competitive advantage. GearbyScorp is created for women, by a woman, who knows that women want attractive workout equipment because who wants ugly stuff? All of GearbyScorp's equipment comes in signature color-coordinated sets that look good and help you to look too!

  3. Portability. We wanted to make sure that you can take the equipment with you everywhere, whether it's to the gym, office, in the car, overseas, on a plane or just upstairs - all of our products come in a mesh portable bag, color-coordinated to the gear. Our pink mesh bag holds our latex set, while the black hold our cloth bands. Also helps you color-coordinate your workout for the day.

  4. Adaptable! Lastly, our gear is adaptable to you. The world is changing rapidly and so is your fitness regime. Whether you have been uprooted from the gym, can't find the motivation to go, or starting a new fitness journey, our equipment is here to help. Quickly intensify any routine with our equipment, or start a brand new one. We offer a variety of equipment to help you, where you are at!

Get to know our first set of products:

  1. The Signature 4-Piece Latex Band Set:

This is our latex set of 4 resistance bands is a must-have accessory for women who work to stay healthy and fit. Our exercise resistance bands set has gradual intensity to help you choose the right band, which can make your workout more challenging. The bands are made of high-quality latex, which is durable and thick, ensuring the bands will not slip or break. These bands are perfect for warm-ups, arm workouts and leg/glute workouts.

2. The Real Big Booty Set

Get ready to build your bum! This 3-piece cloth resistant band is a must-have for any and all glute activation workouts. All three of these bands are the same resistance (40-50lbs) to ensure consistency throughout your workout. With such a high resistance, these bands will not only make your workout more challenging but will help you mold and train your muscles better. The bands are made of a cotton-polyester-latex blend, with a non-slip grip, to give you full range throughout your workout. Comes with an extra-long band for extended workouts and stretches!

3. The Everything Bottle (Limited Edition)

The name says it all, this bottle is everything you need to work out and then some! It is a shaker, snack holder, supplement organizer, whey compartment and a blender all in one! This bottle is the only thing you will need before, during and after your workouts. Comes in our signature pink and a lime green color.



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